A strategy, test and device for high quality milk



The paper presents a mastitis control strategy in dairy farms, suitable to all types of farms, from traditional milking to automatic milking systems (AMS).  For this purpose, every cow is tested 2-3 times a year, at those momentes when the animals are anyway confined or restrained  for technological or medical reasons, like: 4-6 days after parturition, at the moment of leaving maternity, when they are linked for hoofs trimming, artificial insemination, gestation control, various treatments, etc The tests are done cow side, with an original, portable,   ultraperforming  electronic device, entitled Milktester RMM.. The principle consists in quantifying the transmittance of a flux of electromagnetic ultraviolet radiation, which crosses unidirectionally 10 mm of milk.). Testing a sample from a quarter takes less than 1 second. That means 4 seconds for an udder, plus 1 sec for all calculations. It is the fastest milk tester of all that already exists, at this moment, dedicated to the same purpose. The result of each quarter are then compared to the other 3 quarters, following a particular algorithm, establishing whether there is evidence that one of them exceeds a certain value, considered normal. Milktester RMM  is the first cow side mastitis detector which detect not only  indirect markers, indicating an inflammation (like pH, electroconductbility, no. of cells), but exactly that physio-pathological alterations, wich are characteristic for mastitis milk, like, changes in homogeneity, color, consistency, and density.

Details can be found in the article published on the website www.radumogamanzat.ro  on the page Strategie, Test Cow Side și Aparat pentru Controlul Mastitelor

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